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Comprensive Player and Team Stats from 2001 to the present day.

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July 2020

The final league placings for qualification for the 2020 Nationals were determined as follows.
All games in Round One that were completed are to be counted.
Any unplayed games are to be treated as a 0-0 tie. One point awarded to each team.
Games played in Round Two are to be voided.



At the last round of senior matches on 12th March 2016 there seemed to be a bit of confusion about the rules regarding tied place in the league table.
Here is the rule that covers this situation from the rule book
For National and league competitions, points shall be awarded as follows:
Two (2) points to the game winner
One (1) point for a tie game
Zero (0) points to the loser
Minus (-2) points for a forfeit
(a) In compiling the results of pool play, games within the pool that finish tied, shall remain tied and points for each game awarded as follows:
(b) The placement of teams within each pool shall be according to the most number of points accumulated in round-robin play. If after addition of points, two or more teams are determined to possess an equal amount of points during pool play, the team's position is determined as follows:
(c) The victor of the head-to-head competition in the round robin shall be awarded the higher placement position.
(d) If a tie still results, the team with the lowest total number of goals-allowed for the entire play-off round shall be used to determine position for the tied teams.
(e) If a tie remains, the lowest total of goals-allowed in common wins among the tied teams, during all games in the group competition, will determine the group positions.
(f) If a tie still results, the highest total of goals scored in common losses among the tied teams will determine their positions.
(g) If teams are tied after applying the above criteria, a shoot-out will take place as defined in Rule 73f

Rule (c)The head to head match that will decide the finishing position will be the victor of the last head to head match that the two teams played.



In the absence of a correctly filled in 'Shots on Goal Sheet'. All goals scored are assessed against the goalies with no saves (Saves % = 0)
In the absence of any other information, When two goalies are listed on the match report, all shots and saves are recorded against the first named goalie only. No shots or saves are recorded against the second goalie.

LOCAL Forfeiture Rules


As changes to the published Fixture List can happen at short notice, players & parents should always check with their own coach/manager for the latest fixture information before traveling.
Please be aware of the BIPHA South Wales local rules relating to forfeiture of games. (From 2007 - 2008 Season)
Clubs should note that in the event of forfeiting a game for whatever reason, they are responsible for BOTH TEAMS match fees for booked hall time, i.e., their match fee and the opposition team's match fee.
This MAY be reduced where at least 4 weeks notice is given to the Fixtures Secretary AND the hall time can be re-used economically. This will also apply to any re-schedules.



A number of enquiries have been received regarding the minimum number of matches that have to be played to qualify for the TOP NETMINDER Award.
The following applies (This rule was has been in force since the 2005 - 2006 season)
Number of matches in a divisions full season (x ) The minutes played in 1 (one) period in that division.
For example in the recently completed under 18 league 4 (matches) x 15 (minutes) = 60 minutes
In this example a minimum of 60 minutes would have to be played in the under 18 league to be eligible for the top netminder award
It is unfortunately too time consuming to edit the netminder tables to reflect this on a weekly basis due to the huge amount of data that has to be processed to produce the stats. We will however try to produce a final table as soon as possible on completion of a league.



The Teams Report Window displays statistics related to team standings within the league. .
(BIPHA RULES sort the positions as follows. Teams are awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and no points for a loss. If teams are equal on points, the team with the least goals against will be placed higher If teams are still equal a play off game will be played. Penalty Minutes, and Goal Difference are not considered).
Columns of statistics include team name, games played (GP), wins (W), losses (L), ties (T), points (P),  goals for (GF), goals against (GA), total penalty minutes (PM),

The Summary Report Window displays summary statistics related to the teams performance within the league..
Columns of statistics include team name, games played (GP), power play goals for (PPF), power play opportunities (PPO), power play efficiency (PP%), power play goals against (PPA), times short handed (TSH), short handed goals against (SHA), penalty kill efficiency (PK%), short handed goals for (SHF), overtime goals (OT), empty net goals (EN), shots on goal (SG), shooting percentage (SH%),

The Players Report Window displays the scoring statistics for all players who participated in the league..
Columns of information include player name, team name, jersey number (No), games played (GP), goals (G), assists (A), points (P), penalty minutes (PM), power play goals (PP), short handed goals (SH), game winning goals (GW), game tying goals (GT), hat tricks (HT), and playmaker statistics i.e a hat-trick of assists (PL).

The Goaltender Report Window displays the goaltender statistics for all goaltenders who participated in the league.. Columns of information include goaltender name, team name, minutes played (MP), goals against (GA), goals against average (Avg), shots on goal, saves, save percentage (Sv %), shutouts (SO), win/loss record, and games played (GP).