Information about the Website and BIPHA South Wales

This web site was first published at the end of the 2001-2002 season as a method of circulating the stats to the clubs rather than posting them out. The stats were calculated by hand, a time consuming and error prone exercise. A better solution had to be found.
After researching software available SNAPSHOT! software was used for the first time. The 2001-2002 stats were eventually published on the internet after the end of the season.
SNAPSHOT! software is still being used by us today. No longer supported or available to buy it continues to provide us with impressive stats collected on match days.
Although it was designed to run on Windows XP, the software runs on Vista and Windows 7, but not on the latest versions of Windows.
In 2019 new stats were published using, these stats are generated live as the matches take place.

About BIPHA South Wales

From September to April each season teams from Wales and sometimes the West of England compete at various age groups to find our champions from our a purpose built rink at the Cardiff City House of Sport

This web site is an important part of the local hockey scene, processing and publishing up to date statistics, news and information. View full League Tables, News, Information, Help and Comprehensive Player statistics from the 2001 Season to the present day.

Look out for the latest Tournament News, links to other hockey related websites, news from local clubs and articles.

Website Information 2020

New free CoffeCup template added to make website responsive for mobile devices.

CoffeeCup - HTML and Web Design Software

Website Information 2019

Website Updated.
mySTATSonline links added.


Website Information 2018

Website Updated
Stats Extra Links Added.
Elite League pages removed.
Style sheets now generated with Coffee Cup html Editor.

Website Information 2016

Terms and Conditions updated.
Privacy Policy updated.
Elite League pages added.

Website Information 2016

The website had a re-design in 2016. Over the history of the web site many pages were not standardised and needed updating. All the stats pages were cleaned up and new graphics were displayed.

Website Information 2012

The website moved to this new url in August 2012 in readiness for the 2012 - 2013 season.
Plans to standardise all the websites within BIPHA are underway and this website will run in addition to the new BIPHA South Wales web site.

Web Site Information 2010

The stats pages are currently being redesigned for the new season.
When I started the first web site in 2001 I didn't plan ahead for the number of pages that would be needed to display the stats. As a result the pages were becoming more and more difficult to navigate.
I will in future condense all the various stats pages into one page for each season, except for the current season where each age group will continue to have its own page.
Until this process is complete some links may be broken. Some of the older pages could be accessible until the process is complete.

Web Site Information.2009

CoffeeCup - HTML and Web Design Software MySTATSonline

This web site is hand coded, using CoffeeCup HTML Editor Software.
Stats are generated LIVE at games using the MySTATSonline website.
Legacy Statistics were generated using SNAPSHOT! League Management Software.
Style sheets are generated from within CoffeeCup HTML Editor Software.
Official stats are available on the BIPHA website