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23-Sep-2017 09:00 AM SatLlantwit3Caerphilly14
23-Sep-2017 11:00 AM SatPanthers5Llantwit3
23-Sep-2017 12:00 PM SatCaerphilly8Crossbones1
23-Sep-2017 02:00 PM SatCrossbones3Panthers8
07-Oct-2017 09:00 AM SatLlantwit6Swansea5
07-Oct-2017 11:00 AM SatCaerphilly7Llantwit1
07-Oct-2017 01:00 PM SatSwansea2Caerphilly16
21-Oct-2017 10:00 AM SatCaerphilly10Crossbones0
21-Oct-2017 11:00 AM SatLlanishen2Panthers4
21-Oct-2017 12:00 PM SatLlanishen0Caerphilly9
21-Oct-2017 01:00 PM SatPanthers3Swansea3
21-Oct-2017 02:00 PM SatCrossbones2Swansea5
04-Nov-2017 09:00 AM SatLlanishen5Llantwit7
04-Nov-2017 10:00 AM SatCrossbones0Caerphilly11
04-Nov-2017 11:00 AM SatPaignton4Llanishen9
04-Nov-2017 12:00 PM SatLlantwit4Panthers7
04-Nov-2017 01:00 PM SatCaerphilly13Swansea5
04-Nov-2017 02:00 PM SatPanthers10Paignton2
05-Nov-2017 04:00 PM SunPaignton4Swansea1
25-Nov-2017 09:00 AM SatLlantwit4Llanishen6
25-Nov-2017 10:00 AM SatPanthers1Caerphilly5
25-Nov-2017 11:00 AM SatLlanishen2Crossbones0
25-Nov-2017 12:00 PM SatCaerphilly7Llantwit4
25-Nov-2017 01:00 PM SatPanthers1Crossbones1
03-Feb-2018 09:00 AM SatLlanishen4Caerphilly2
03-Feb-2018 10:00 AM SatPanthers2Crossbones2
03-Feb-2018 12:00 PM SatPanthers1Caerphilly8
10-Feb-2018 09:00 AM SatSwansea0Llantwit7
10-Feb-2018 10:00 AM SatCrossbones4Llanishen5
10-Feb-2018 11:00 AM SatLlantwit4Paignton6
10-Feb-2018 12:00 PM SatSwansea3Panthers4
10-Feb-2018 01:00 PM SatLlanishen2Paignton3
10-Feb-2018 02:00 PM SatSwansea6Crossbones5
10-Feb-2018 03:00 PM SatPaignton1Panthers5
17-Mar-2018 09:00 AM SatCaerphilly7Llanishen3
17-Mar-2018 10:00 AM SatPaignton9Llantwit5
17-Mar-2018 11:00 AM SatSwansea3Llanishen9
17-Mar-2018 12:00 PM SatLlantwit4Crossbones6
17-Mar-2018 01:00 PM SatSwansea2Paignton6
17-Mar-2018 03:00 PM SatCrossbones6Paignton5
24-Mar-2018 09:00 AM SatLlantwit5Crossbones3
24-Mar-2018 10:00 AM SatLlanishen5Paignton3
24-Mar-2018 11:00 AM SatSwansea4Crossbones6
24-Mar-2018 12:00 PM SatPanthers4Llanishen2
24-Mar-2018 01:00 PM SatLlantwit8Paignton11
24-Mar-2018 02:00 PM SatLlanishen7Swansea5
24-Mar-2018 03:00 PM SatPanthers9Paignton4
14-Apr-2018 09:00 AM SatLlantwit0Swansea5
14-Apr-2018 10:00 AM SatLlanishen4Panthers2
14-Apr-2018 11:00 AM SatCrossbones2Paignton4
14-Apr-2018 12:00 PM SatLlanishen4Swansea3
14-Apr-2018 01:00 PM SatPaignton3Caerphilly7
14-Apr-2018 02:00 PM SatCrossbones5Llantwit0
14-Apr-2018 03:00 PM SatCaerphilly8Panthers4
14-Apr-2018 04:00 PM SatPaignton1Caerphilly10
06-May-2018 09:00 AM SunSwansea2Caerphilly17
06-May-2018 10:00 AM SunLlanishen3Llantwit8
06-May-2018 11:00 AM SunCaerphilly13Paignton1
06-May-2018 12:00 PM SunLlantwit7Panthers8
06-May-2018 01:00 PM SunSwansea5Paignton4
06-May-2018 02:00 PM SunLlanishen5Crossbones5
06-May-2018 03:00 PM SunPanthers10Swansea2
06-May-2018 04:00 PM SunPaignton5Crossbones5

Local Rules

From 2007 - 2008 Season

As changes to the published Fixture List can happen at short notice, players & parents should always check with their own club, coach and manager for the latest fixture information before travelling.
BIPHA South Wales or its web site cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred

Please be aware of the BIPHA South Wales local rules relating to forfeiture of games. (From 2007 - 2008 Season)
Please note that in the event of a club forfeiting a game for whatever reason, they are responsible for BOTH TEAMS match fees for booked hall time, i.e., their match fee and the opposition team's match fee. This MAY be reduced where at least 4 weeks notice is given to the Fixtures Secretary AND the hall time can be re-used economically. This will also apply to any re-schedules.

Photo of the House of Sport