10th February 2018

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21st February 2018

The final league day of the season will be Saturday 14th April, NOT the 28th.



by Mike Vigar

hockey player BIPHA South Wales was back today after the Winter Break for a morning of inline hockey at Cardiff City House of Sport.

It was an early start for the first game with Llanishen taking on Caerphilly, who came into the game with maximum points from their games so far.
It was a contest that was all about the netminders, with last year's dream team goalie Greg Orr in net for Llanishen and Caerphilly debutant Mackenzie Whilding taking to the rink, and both had excellent games for their respective teams.

With players missing for both teams, it was a tense start and Llanishen were able to restrict Caerphilly to shots from distance whilst managing to test Caerphilly's new keeper a few times, although she was giving nothing up.

The breakthrough came when Matthew Davies made the most of a defensive screen and beat Llanishen goalie Greg Orr on his near post, giving Caerphilly the upper hand.
It didn't take long for Llanishen to hit back though, with Mike Gross finding himself 1 on 1 following a turneover and he beat Kenzie with a slick move to tie the game up.
hockey player Caerphilly bossed possession, but Llanishen continued to test Caerphilly's keeper, albeit unable to find a breakthrough until youngster Ben Scanlan managed to find a gap with a tip in front of the net to put Hawks ahead.

Caerphilly then came with wave after wave of pressure, and Llanishen twice found themselves on the penalty kill but managed to stand resolute and kill both off.
Caerphilly weren't giving up though and they found themselves level when Chris Thomas beat Luke Taylor for pace and managed to free his stick at the last second to beat Greg Orr, taking inspiration from the NHL all-star game with a no-move move to level it up.

Caerphilly pushed hard after finding the equaliser and with Llanishen legs tiring, Luke Taylor chanced it with a long clearance which bounced awkwardly in front of Caerphilly's debutant keeper and found a way through to give Llanishen a valuable lead with only a few minutes to go.
It was a tough break for Mackenzie who was excellent throughout the game and had managed to soak up shot a fter shot up until that point.

With Caerphilly looking at losing their 100% record, they piled forward to find an equaliser but over and over again Llanishen keeper Greg Orr kept them out, and then with a final throw of the dice Caerphilly pulled their keeper to get the extra skater out there, and with their backs against the wall Llanishen managed to get hold of a bouncing puck and find the empty net to take a 4-2 lead, which was how it ended. It was an intense game, both teams working hard to make up for their missing players, but the plaudits have to go to both keepers who kept the scores close for the whole game.

hockey player Next up, Crossbones came up against Panthers.
This showdown gave some excellent games last season, with Crossbones looking to repeat the victories they enjoyed last season.
With both teams adding to their squads over the Summer this one could have gone either way, and it was
Panthers that took the initiative and found themselves going in 2-0 at half time.
Crossbones weren't ready to give up on this one though, and found themselves on the Powerplay and worked it well to pull a goal back.
With Crossbones keeper Kenny managing to keep Panthers at bay, Crossbones piled on the pressure in search of an equaliser and their hard work was rewarded when Ben Davies got the equaliser with only a few minutes to go in the second period.
With the game at 2-2, neither team could create any good scoring chances and it was a case of sharing the spoils in this hard fought encounter.

hockey player The third and final game of the day saw Caerphilly face off against Panthers.
Caerphilly were buoyed by the addition of James Edwards to the team for this one, although they'd lost their ENL superstar after the defeat to Llanishen earlier in the morning.
It was a tense start to the game, but with each team scoring early on and the score tied at 1-1,
Caerphilly weren't ready to drop more points and found an extra gear to get ahead. Whilst Panthers fought hard, they couldn't keep Caerphilly out and at half time Caerphilly's lead looked insurmountable. Panthers dug deep in the second period but they couldn't add to their goal or keep Caerphilly out and the game ended 8-1.

That was it for the day, with the main talking point being Llanishen's victory over Caerphilly which really opens up the league.

We'll be back next week for some more top quality Welsh inline hockey.



Updated 3rd February 2018

The registration deadline for new players and player transfers has now passed.
In some circumstances the BIPHA NEC may agree to a late registration e.g. Injury to a netminder wher the new netminder plays in a lower age group.
Under 10 players may register after the deadline



Posted - 20th December 2017

Apologies for the delay getting these out, but below are the remaining fixtures for the season.
We have elected to skip the January date we had reserved as it had taken us a long time re-doing the fixtures with re-arranging previous weekends and wanted to make sure all teams had at least a month notice.
All game days will start at 9am as usual.
Some teams now have to play 3 times a day due to previous re-arrangements but where possible we have tried to meet all fixture requests.
Hopefully we haven't overlooked any fixtures etc... please point out any glaring errors.

Mike Vigar (Chairman)

03-Mar-2018 09:00 AM SatSwanseaCaerphilly U035SN
03-Mar-2018 10:00 AM SatLlanishenLlantwit U036SN
03-Mar-2018 11:00 AM SatCaerphillyPaignton U037SN
03-Mar-2018 12:00 PM SatLlantwitPanthers U038SN
03-Mar-2018 01:00 PM SatSwanseaPaignton U039SN
03-Mar-2018 02:00 PM SatLlanishenCrossbones U040SN
03-Mar-2018 03:00 PM SatPanthersSwansea U041SN
03-Mar-2018 04:00 PM SatPaigntonCrossbones U042SN
17-Mar-2018 09:00 AM SatCaerphillyLlanishen U043SN
17-Mar-2018 10:00 AM SatPaigntonLlantwit U044SN
17-Mar-2018 11:00 AM SatSwanseaLlanishen U045SN
17-Mar-2018 12:00 PM SatLlantwitCrossbones U046SN
17-Mar-2018 01:00 PM SatSwanseaPaignton U047SN
17-Mar-2018 03:00 PM SatCrossbonesPaignton U048SN
24-Mar-2018 09:00 AM SatLlantwitCrossbones U049SN
24-Mar-2018 10:00 AM SatLlanishenPaignton U050SN
24-Mar-2018 11:00 AM SatSwanseaCrossbones U051SN
24-Mar-2018 12:00 PM SatPanthersLlanishen U052SN
24-Mar-2018 01:00 PM SatLlantwitPaignton U053SN
24-Mar-2018 02:00 PM SatLlanishenSwansea U054SN
24-Mar-2018 03:00 PM SatPanthersPaignton U055SN
14-Apr-2018 09:00 AM SatLlantwitSwansea U056SN
14-Apr-2018 10:00 AM SatLlanishenPanthers U057SN
14-Apr-2018 11:00 AM SatCrossbonesPaignton U058SN
14-Apr-2018 12:00 PM SatLlanishenSwansea U059SN
14-Apr-2018 01:00 PM SatPaigntonCaerphilly U060SN
14-Apr-2018 02:00 PM SatCrossbonesLlantwit U061SN
14-Apr-2018 03:00 PM SatCaerphillyPanthers U062SN
14-Apr-2018 04:00 PM SatPaigntonCaerphilly U063SN


ROUND UP - 5th November 2017

by Mike Vigar

Today saw the Welsh Dragons at U10 and U12 in action in Bisley for their first games of their debut season.

The U10s had an early start against Brighton Stormers and despite lots of hard work and determination, came out with a loss.
They faced off against Eastbourne Edge next and again worked hard all game but couldn't stop Eastbourne from running away with the victory.
There will be plenty of positives to take from their first games however and they will only go from strength to strength.

The U12s started the day against the Tigers in what turned out to be a really close game. The Dragons went ahead through Masaki Nieuwendijk-Adachi but were pegged back soon after. It didn't take long for the Dragons to get back in front though with Andrew Raven scoring the team's second and they managed to hold on for a few minutes before Tigers leveled it up again.
With the game looking like it was heading for a close fought draw Madison Davies put the Dragons back in front and they held on for a fantastic 3-2 win.

Their second game was against the Crusaders who no doubt capitalised on tired legs and came out 9-1 winners. A tough second game but an important win made it a great start for the U12s.
Thanks to all the parents, particularly those that stepped up onto the benches for today's games, and safe journeys home for you all.

Last weekend saw the fourth weekend of Senior Hockey at Cardiff City House of Sport.
In the first game of the day Llanishen came up against Llantwit. Llantwit have capitalised on Pontypool's demise with the signing of Richard Brunnock and also signed veteran VC Fester and it made all the difference as they played a game that Llanishen just couldn't cope with, going 3-0 up very early on.
Llanishen came back from 4-1 to tie the game up at 4-4 but let their concentration lapse soon after and the game ended up going Llantwit's way with a 7-5 victory.

Pace-setters Caerphilly were up next against Crossbones, and despite another excellent display by Crossbones goalie Ken Oakley, Caerphilly ended up comfortable 11-0 winners.

Llanishen then had the opportunity to redeem themselves coming up against Paignton who were making their first appearance of the season.
With Paignton having only 7 skaters, Llanishen fancied their chances and came out of the traps fast, not giving Paignton time to settle into the game.
They got their noses in front and never looked back, with a Gary Webb hatrick helping them to 9-4 victory.

Llantwit then came up against Panthers, who came flying out of the blocks with 6 unanswered first half goals.
Llantwit managed to pull one back before half time and despite early goals in the second they couldn't catch Panthers who finished the game 7-4 winners, with new signing Adam Williams grabbing a hatrick.

Caerphilly then faced off against Swansea and despite Swansea going 1-0 and 2-1 up, Caerphilly's class took hold after going into half time 4-3 up, scoring 8 unanswered second half goals to come out eventual 13-5 winners. with Chris Thomas, Matt Thomas and Jordan Jefferies all bagging hatricks.

Panthers then faced Paignton and again came out hard, taking a 7-0 lead until Paignton pulled a couple back before half-time. Panthers relented in the second but Paignton couldn't find the net and ended up losing their second game of the season 10-2.

After a break for Paignton and Swansea whilst the Dragons U10 got some last minute practice in, the Dragons and the Cobras came face to face. After Swansea's strong display against Caerphilly and Paignton struggling to make their experience count earlier in the day, it looked like Swansea might come away with the victory, but Paignton found an extra gear and managed to get 3-0 up before Swansea could reply before half-time.
Despite their best efforts Swansea couldn't break through in the second and Paignton cemented the win with a second half goal to come out 4-1 winners.
It was a positive end to the day for Dragons but they'll be hoping to bring a few more guys with them next time if they have three games lined up.

Caerphilly continue to pull away from the pack, but Panthers are hot on their heels and last year's runners up Llanishen are really struggling to find their form from last year.
Llantwit look to have strengthened considerably and both Swansea and Crossbones look hard to beat and with Paignton's quality, it will be really hard to predict the final standings this year. Happy hockey everybody!

Latest Statistics and Tables

1.Thomas, Chris122735
2.Sheppard, Ellis101827
3.Thomas, Matthew121626
4.Newton, Jamie81223
5.Jefferies, Jordan121422
6.Jefferies, Josh9721
7.Matthews, Stephen10718
8.Banwell, Ryan71017
9.Williams, Adam D121217
10.Newton, Jack10616
11.Davies, Matthew10815
12.Clare, Dan12614
13.Edwards, James7413
14.Webb, Lewis12713
15.Vigar, Mike9812
16.Webb, Gary9612
17.Lucas, Tristan12711
18.Thomas, Dave8710
19.Gibbons, Mike6710
20.Hitchings, Jamie8710
21.Moruzzi, Anthony758
22.Gross, Mike548
23.Gale, Anthony1058
24.Scanlan, Ben528
25.Jones, Sam1258
26.Bartley, Alex928
27.Eversley, Tony758
28.McCarthy, Jon947
29.Mundell, Anthony1137
30.Jeremiah, Malcolm1206
31.Taylor, Luke756
32.Dickman, Steve1126
33.Williams, Chris1226
34.Williams, Adam .946
35.El-Alami, Sudqi645
36.Newell, Richie845
37.Smallwood, Gavin745
38.DeVanney, Peter1235
39.Wooldridge, Nathan614
40.Saunders, Ben1034
41.Wyatt, Chris614
42.Davies, Ben834
43.Frost, Charlie744
44.Coughlin, Ben924
45.Green, Robert324
46.Pace, Jason614
47.Davies, Rhys924
48.Beale, Colin623
49.Jennings, William333
50.Padden, Andrew1023
51.Keoghane, Phil913
52.Brunnock, Richard833
53.Williams, Gavin923
54.Paddon, Simon923
55.West, Matthew913
56.Sokolyk, Sean813
57.Vaughn, Ollie522
58.Cooke, Chris422
59.Kelly, Neil1012
60.Henley, Alex612
61.Wells, Chris612
62.Lawrence, James1212
63.Ford, Lee301
64.Davies, Laura501
65.Squire, Chris601
66.Oakley, Ken901
67.Hof, Matthew511
68.Grimstead, Matt901
69.Kayes, Tom1211
70.Robinson, Alex801
71.O`Keefe, Cormack411
72.Whilding, McKenzie200
73.Tremain, Ben700
74.Cooper, Chris300
75.Bunday, Matthew300
76.Rosser , Iori400
77.Newell, Kris000
78.Harty, Damian800
79.Morgan, Jonny200
80.Lucas, Mike1000
81.Keigwen, Tim100
82.Lodge, Chris600
83.Drinkwater, Dean300
84.Laycock, Anthony600
85.Gordon, Alan200
86.Jones, Keiren200
87.Orr, Greg700
88.Egan, Phillip400
89.Gordon, Craig100
90.Rosser, Dafydd100
91.Taylor, Scott200
92.Nicholas, Jim200
93.Barrow, James600
94.Bowen, Richard500
1.Whilding, McKenzie31.975340.919
2.Tremain, Ben132.6001080.893
3.Lucas, Mike161.6001270.888
4.Padden, Andrew63.000460.885
5.Squire, Chris213.5001550.881
6.Lodge, Chris183.7881250.874
7.Gordon, Alan73.500350.833
8.Orr, Greg304.2861420.826
9.West, Matthew94.500420.824
10.Jones, Keiren136.500540.806
11.Harty, Damian486.0001930.801
12.Oakley, Ken415.8571610.797
13.Barrow, James437.1771340.757
14.Bunday, Matthew1310.410330.717
15.Egan, Phillip77.000150.682